Sights set on the London marathon?

marathonIf you watched last weekend’s London marathoners wondering if you’d ever be among their masses then read on to find out if you’re up to the 26.2-mile challenge.

Am I fit enough?

If you are currently pretty fit then by implementing a structured running schedule six months before the run you would most definitely be ready to run next April’s race. If you don’t really do any exercise at the moment then it doesn’t mean the 2016 marathon is out of your grasp, but it would be a good idea to slowly introduce some activity into your routine in order to slowly build your fitness levels up.

It is also a good idea to run some shorter distance races beforehand in order to understand what happens at races, and to learn what you like to have with you, how to pace yourself, and about how to mentally get yourself through.

What do I need?

A good pair of trainers is essential, and for running these kind of distances it’s really important that they fit well. Buy them from a specialist running shop as they will analyse your running style to find the right pair for you. Bad trainers can be responsible for injuries all over the body so buy the best pair you can afford.

How do I enter?

There is a public ballot which opens on Monday 4th May 2015, but if you don’t get a place that way then you can apply for a charity place. Check the official London Marathon website for a list of the charities offering places.

I don’t think I’m up to it but still want a fitness challenge

There are so many events you can take part in now. There are obtascle style races such as the Tough Mudder, or Rat Race, loads of different running races over different distances and terrains, some at night and some during which you get covered in paint (Colour Run and Run or Dye).

Cancer Research no longer just offers their 5k race for life. You can now take part in their 10k, Pretty Muddy®, half marathon or even marathon. Check their website to find events near you.

If wheels are more your thing then bike events are becoming more popular by the day and there are now a huge range of those to choose from too.

Help, I don’t know where to start

Whatever challenge you set yourself the key is to have a structured training schedule in place, which sees you gradually increasing your fitness. There are plenty of websites, books and magazines out there that will help you find one.

If however you would like a bespoke plan that takes your needs, schedule and energy levels into account then get in touch at and I’d be happy to put a training and nutrition plan together that will see you achieving your goal.


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